We have had one or more cases of COVID-19 at our facility. Here are the numbers (updated regularly):


# of test conducted:       Residents:  76    Employee: 83

# of negative tests          Residents:  30     Employee:  59

# of active cases:             Residents:  18    Employee: 6

# resolved cases:             Residents: 21      Employees:  15

# of Pending tests:          Residents 0       Employees: 2

# of Deaths:                     Residents: 6       Employees: 1

Date of last laboratory-confirmed positive: 05/01/2020


An active case in our facility triggers the start of what we call “Phase 3” of our management plan. That plan now calls for:

  • Active resident cases lead us to either place the infected resident(s) in isolation on a designated unit or send them for hospitalization, depending on severity
  • Active employee cases lead us to send the infected employee(s) home for at least 14 days, and we will not allow a return to work without 2 negative tests within 24 hours of each other
  • We are performing more frequent screening and monitoring for signs and symptoms of respiratory disease with all our residents and staff multiple times per day.
  • We have worked diligently to get early access to testing.  We now are able to provide this testing for our residents.  Any residents with symptoms will be tested and placed in isolation right away.  Employees have the most up to date information regarding community testing.
  • Any roommate who resides with a resident who has symptoms and is being tested will also be moved to a separate room and isolated for at least 14 days per CDC guidelines
  • You will be notified immediately if your loved one is symptomatic and being tested or being isolated out of caution due to their roommate’s health concern
  • Our staff has been trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment and we will strictly limit the number staff that care for infected persons in order to limit or prevent spread of the virus
  • Our Medical Director and attending physicians have been informed, as well as the Health Department and state survey agency. We are following their guidance as well as all previous guidance from the CDC and CMS.
  • We will continue our strict enforcement of screening and prohibit visitation for everyone’s safety and per government order

Our Resident ambassadors will be making proactive calls to families as often as possible and will be able to share information with you should you have questions.