Memory Care

Co-Ed Dementia & Memory Care in Carthage

Briarcliff Skilled Nursing Facility offers comprehensive, caring memory care for both men & women in the Carthage area. Our structured care program utilizes cutting-edge dementia treatment to provide the stability of a routine while maximizing independence and autonomy

Women suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia have a special category of needs that we are well equipped to handle. Our community is designed to be a comfortable home, yet with physical accommodations that support women with physical limitations or memory loss. Our rooms and common areas are easy to navigate, welcoming and appropriate for women. We provide comfort residents throughout all stages of their condition.

Personal care begins with a complete assessment of cognitive and physical health so that our medical staff may provide comprehensive attention. Residents live in small community groups, routines are consistent, and life-enriching activities are a part of every day. Our team creates the least restrictive living situation possible for residents. Families can rest assured that their loved one will be monitored and interacting with others daily. We rely on you, the one who knows best, to share your loved one’s achievements, history, hobbies and lifetime successes. Through knowing each of our residents on an individual level we are able to provide not only the dignity and respect they deserve, but we are able to provide personalized care plans tailored to each person as well.

At Briarcliff our goal is to help each person find joy in the reality of the moment in which he or she is living… and to experience a positive self-image. While lost memory cannot be regained, quality of life can be maximized through appropriate services, respectful treatment, and a gentle, engaging environment.