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New Technology and Occupational Therapy

New Technology and Occupational Therapy Technology is revolutionizing how seniors receive and practice occupational therapy. Many seniors want and need to do daily activities to care for themselves. Unfortunately, due to complications that develop with age, performing once effortless actions become challenging. Occupational therapy at skilled nursing facilities and skilled nursing hospitals helps seniors learn…

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5 Steps to Caring for Burns After Radiation Therapy

5 Steps to Caring for Burns After Radiation Therapy A cancer diagnosis has a significant impact on the emotional health of people and their families. Common experiences include anxiety, distress, and depression. Added to the diagnosis is the additional burden of treatment, which often comes with its own list of physical and emotional challenges. One…

Briarcliff Skilled Nursing Center Supportive Dining

Supportive Dining: Taking a Fresh Approach

For people living with dementia, dining can serve up a host of challenges. Many memory care residents in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and other senior living communities are finicky eaters, and food preferences often turn on a dime. Some have difficulty discerning colors, temperatures, and plate boundaries. Chewing and swallowing may eventually be compromised, along…